Bulk Dominoes - Mini Clear Glitter Teal Mix

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Mini Dominoes - Clear Glitter Teal Mix

     Every domino feels and looks like a teal party. Mini domino teal clear just got superpowered and it's sparkle is shining forth. The glitter burst in every domino and was then carefully preserved in a frozen state of pure explosive joy. Nice solid teal clear glitter available! You can build and create the same runs, walls, towers, structures, ETC as the pro dominoes and mini dominoes and any of the other really neat bulk dominoes varieties. (If you want to know more about what varieties there are, see this page) Even the large pro dominoes have a hard time competing with this space saver. You're not going to have to rent a gymnasium to set a world record with these. Easily set up impressive runs on a table, desk, or counter top. No hardwood or smooth floors?...  No problem! Mini clear glitter teal dominoes are awesome!

     These are the clear glitter teal dominoes that will last and give you years and years of quality fun. Have fun building 3D structures like; pyramids, towers, Castles, walls , ETC, or create an assorted clear glitter teal picture art by standing and aligning different colored dominoes to create text and pictures. Super High quality Plastic toppling Dominoes made for setting world records, Or just having fun and creating your own domino worlds. Join the craze and video sensations! Start stacking dominoes today and amaze all who watch and dazzle them with clear glitter teal dominoes. Great shade for advertisers and promotional groups. Any age group looking for a skill based hobby can do this. 


• Desktop Fun!

• Extremely Portable

• More obtainable World Records

• High quality Dominoes

• Ultra flat and Square

• Beautiful Colors

• Made From Plastic

• Made in The USA



    Length  - .945" / 24mm

     Width   - .472" / 12mm

Thickness -  .29" /    4mm


Bulk Dominoes - Mini Clear Glitter Teal Mix