Card Clips are fun and easy! Design and build amazing objects, contraptions, replicas, and creations in this amazing world of card building. With a truly endless amount of possibilities, you will have a building system of specialized clips and uniquely designed building cards to build your world the way you dream it. Whether you're building for fun or engineering the card version of the Eiffel Tower, building is simple and engaging for nearly all ages of all skill levels from beginners to experts.


It all started with the idea that everyone has stacks of old football, baseball, and collectible cards hidden somewhere in a garage, basement or attic that were not getting used anymore. We thought, “what if there was a clip that you could use to build 3D structures with all those old cards?” This inception began the journey of Card Clips. During testing we discovered a much larger use for Card Clips making all sorts of creations from artistic models, creative objects, pop culture replicas, marble tracks, chain reactions, household organizers, and so much more.


We then asked ourselves if the models and creations would look better if we made colored cards to make the builds really come to life, the answer was clearly yes! Our unique building card designs made it so much cooler and more fun than using ordinary playing cards.


We take pride in what we do!

Card Clips were invented, designed, manufactured and tested right here in Ohio, USA. We use toy grade kid-safe Materials and responsible manufacturing processes to bring the best quality and best playability products to life.